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Selous Game Reserve


“Seen from the plane, the muddy waters of Rufiji river are quite disquieting. It’s a deceiving feeling. Once you sail them, then you realise the liveliness of its rich animal population”


Selous is the biggest African game reserve.

In this wildlife paradise live 50% of Tanzanian elephants, about 80.000 wildebeests, 200.000 buffalos, 50.000 zebras, an equivalent amount of impala, and the biggest amount of African wild dogs. The avifauna is varied with more than 350 species.

Due to its unique ecological importance it was designated a “World Heritage site” by the United Nation in 1982.

Three-quarters of the Reserve consists of miombo woodland. The East of the Reserve is mainly grassy woodland.


The wide meandering Rufiji river with its associated wetlands, consisting of lakes and swamps interlaced with a myriad of channels, is one of the most outstanding ecological system in the whole of eastern Africa, that can be explored by boat, walking and drive safari.

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