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Destination is the body of a travel while lodging and activity options are the dress, representing different ways of living a territory.

Lodging Options


It is the cheaper kind of lodging, the less comfortable, but certainly the most authentic.


It allows to fully appreciate the contact with the nature.

Suitable for those who have spirit of adventure and adaptation.

tented camp 4.jpg
tented camp 2.jpg

Tented Camp

Standard or Luxury



This kind of lodging joins the comfort of the lodges (wide tented rooms, with private bathroom, hot water, electricity, mattress bed and mosquito net) to the taste of a full immersion in the nature.

lake masek tented camp.jpg



This kind of lodging offers those comforts which one can really appreciate after a full day safari.


Lodges offer beautiful panoramic views on the surrounding nature.

sopa lodge 1.jpg



Drive Safari

By 4WD vehicles equipped with pop-up or flip-flop roof, luggage rack, a pair of binoculars, a set of referral books, a cool box and an HP-radio.


Being guided by an expert driver speaking English.

trekking kilimanjaro.JPG


Combining the discovery of a territory with the toil of the conquest, a challenge to their own limits...


The delight of reaching the goal: the summits of mount Meru or mount Kilimajaro.

Walking Safari

Escorted by an armed ranger, enjoy the direct contact with the ground.


Discover micro ecosystems that cannot be noticed from the high of a car...


Listen to the noise of the ground under the feet, feel its smell, touch the trunk of a big tree...


Observe nearby a berry, an insect, some animal excrements, feeling unsheltered, exposed.


Boat Safari

Gliding slowly on the water of a river or a lake...


Passing among the big back of hippos...


Observing the rich animal population who lives on the bank, crocodiles on alert, ready to capture their preys, who have come over there for a drink.

mountain bike safari.jpg

Mountain Bike Excursions

Riding on two wheels through the African landscape, toward the warm air filled with aromas.

Baloon Safari

Just before sunrise, in the cool air of the early morning, a magic ascent, that can be spiritual as well. Getting far from the details and see, at about 20 metres from the ground, the landscape under a different prospective, with new surprises.

Night Safari



Spy upon the animal night life, listen to the noises of the animals and feel the perfumes of nature both amplified by the darkness of the African night.

Seaside Extentions

Seaside extensions: discover an underwater fauna which is as rich as the earth’s.


Walk along white, desert and sandy beaches, waiting for the high tide, listen to the sea coming nearby.


Rest under a coconut tree, taste a lobster on a floating restaurant in the middle of the Indian Ocean, visit a fishermen village, sail the sea in one of their boats, the ngalawa, listen to their quite songs, join them in fishing.

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