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Rubondo Island National Park

“Scent of forest”


Surrounded by Lake Victoria waters (70.000 sq. km, the biggest African sweet water lake, and the second in the World) Rubondo island seems to be lost in a wide internal sea, located among three different countries.

An aquatic Eden, where you can go for fishing and enjoy boat and canoe excursions.


Rubondo guards more than 400 autochthonous species, among which a wide variety of birds. The best season for birds watching is from December to February.

Besides autochthonous mammals, like hippos, monkeys, mongooses, antelopes, other species have been introduced into the area (like elephants, giraffes and chimpanzees) to benefit the protection of the park.

The island is mainly covered with humid forests.


Along its 50 km of pathway you can observe many varieties of wild flowers, among which wild jasmine and more than 40 varieties of orchids.


The best season for flowers is from November till March.

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