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Ruaha National Park

“Sculptural spirals, the shining horns of a greater kudu express the perfection and the strong ness attained here by the wild nature”


The Great Ruaha river crosses the park and it is the park’s lifeblood.

Home to hippos and crocodiles, it is a flooded torrent after the rains, dwindling to precious pools surrounded by a blinding sweep of sand in the dry season.


Waterbuck, impala and the world’s most southerly Grants’s gazelle risk their lives for a sip of its water, a permanent hunting ground for lions, leopards, jackals, hyenas and pack of wild dogs - rare elsewhere.


Ruaha’s 8000 resident elephants remain the largest population of any national park in East Africa.


Unique combinations of animals co-exist here, being Ruaha the only protected area in the world where the flora and fauna of eastern and southern Africa overlap.

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