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Why Tanzania and Safari

43.000 square km protected within 12 national parks, that, together with reserves, conservation areas and marine parks, represent 38% of the national territory.


Tanzanian parks are, with no doubts, among the most famous for their incredible variety and concentration of fauna and flora. With its landscape variedness Tanzania keeps promises of emotions to everyone. The endless plains of Serengeti.


The snowy pick of Kilimanjaro. Its long rivers, populated with hippos and crocodiles. Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika, the long far away disputed sources of the Nile. Its crowded and coloured markets. Its white sand beaches silently facing emerald and turquoise horizons.


Its ethnical heritage: with its long troubled history Tanzania results an ethnic patch work: 125 tribes living the country peacefully. Their hospitality will be the best picture you will bring home. Un ricco patrimonio etnico: la Tanzania è un mosaico di etnie, risultato di una storia movimentata.


With its ancestral evocations Tanzania strongly leads back to the roots:

  • its parks, a perfect representation of the Eden, the world before the appearance of mankind, hunters, explorers, colonizers;

  • hominids fossils in Olduvai, dated back 3 million years;

  • the ancient graffiti in Kolo;

  • Gombe and Mahale’s chimpanzees;

  • the Ngoma drums: primary sounds; heart-beat of Earth; trampling of millions animals feet on migration; throb of life.

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