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Pemba, Zanzibar & Mafia Islands

In Zanzibar, Stone Town, the town of stones: narrow and twisting streets, crumbling 150-years old houses whose precious carved doors remain the last trace of a past magnificence.

The prayers from a mosque minaret, men in kanzu and kofia, arabesque melodies of Taarab orchestras , heritage of the Oman sultans domination.

The big sail of a dhow, evokes the ancient trade of ivory, spices and slaves.

Indian shopkeepers busy in their shops, plenty of any kind of goods, take you back to the Indian ocean.

Busy markets brightly coloured by the tropical fruits, spices and happy women dressed with kanga recall black Africa.

Outside stone town: mud huts, mango, papaya and banana trees, coconut palms, white and desert beaches, the emerald and turquoise horizon of the Indian ocean.

And then the underwater world, the wonderful depths of Mnemba island, Mafia island with 820 square km of marine reserve, 400 fish species, four kind of turtles and 50 kinds of corals.

The green Pemba, wild and rebel, where together with the scent of cloves you smell a scent of mystery and magic.

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