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Katavi National Park

“Remote and inaccessible, kilometres of tracks to be conquered, a perfect evocation of the explorers’ adventure”

Isolate and deeply wild.


Watery and grassy plains to the North around Katavi lake, palm-fringed Lake Chala in the south-east.


A rich population of hippos and crocodiles.


Katavi immortalises a legendary hunter, Katabi, whose spirit is believed to possess a tamarind tree ringed with offerings from the locals begging his blessing.

Katavi’s lions and leopards have no shortage of prey: impala, eland, topis, zebra and herds of up to 1.600 buffalo wandering the short grass plains.


A kaleidoscope of more than 400 bird species flits across the acacia, the riverbanks, the swamps and palm groves while flotillas of pelican cruise the lakes.


Elephants graze in the marshlands up to their sizeable waists in reeds.

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